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Hoof Support by eQuus Care Nutrition

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eQuus Care Nutrition HOOF SUPPORT is a scientifically formulated blend of key active ingredients, including BIOTIN, PYRIDOXINE, NIACIN, THIAMINE, SULPHUR, ZINC, COPPER, METHIONINE, LYSINE and THREONINE, which are required for healthy hoof growth.

Thin walls, thin soles, flaking, cracking, chipping, breaking and slow hoof growth can all be a result of dietary deficiencies. A compromised hoof can cause discomfort for the horse, and a breakdown in the integrity of the hoof wall provides an ideal site for bacterial and fungal pathogens to take hold. The equine hoof is very metabolically active tissue. A healthy adult horse will grow 6-10mm of new hoof each month. To support such active growth the horse needs good quality nutrition: any deficiencies in the horse's diet soon become apparent in the hoof.

Available in 600g (1 month) or 840g (6 Week) pack.