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Women are from Venus and So Are Their Horses

The world of horsemanship is teeming with women and girls who are totally devoted to their trusty steeds. Often, fathers or husbands are involved as well, dragged unwillingly and unknowingly into this alternate reality. One such man is the author of this book, whose life revolves entirely around his wife and her horses. He really doesn't feel connected to horses in any way; he doesn't speak the jargon, and he is locked in an unending struggle with stables, horse trailers, and arenas. Regular nocturnal rude awakenings have been his lot — his experiences include helping a mare give birth, calling the veterinarian any number of times, and of course, packing up and accompanying his wife to competitions long before daybreak.

This book is a hilarious insider's view of the "struggles" of the male who is connected with a horse-loving female. Anyone who has spent time in a relationship with either a horse, horsewoman, or long-suffering man will delight in reading it, and laugh out loud at the charming cartoons that ring all-too-true.