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Barehoofcare - Functional hooves for lifelong soundness - a booklet by Andrew & Nicky Bowe (2nd Ed)

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Bare Hoof Care Functional Hooves for Lifelong Soundness, this is the second edition, written by Nicky and Andrew Bowe. Completely revised, updated and expanded. If you own a horse, you own its hooves!

Each hoof is the fine line between your horse and the hard Australian ground. Every stride creates a high frequency impact that needs to be dealt with. Hooves need to be the strongest link in the chain. Unfortunately, the hooves of domestic horses often become the weakest link, leading to loss of performance and often to early retirement. How we manage our horses’ hooves has enormous implications for their long term soundness, but to manage them, we must first understand them a little.


  1. What is Barehoofcare
  2. The paradox of modern hoofcare
  3. The highly evolved horse
  4. What do functional hooves look like ?
  5. Maintaining function.
  6. Growing a better hoof.
  7. Functional hoof protection.
  8. Why not use horse shoes?
  9. Barefoot Rehabilitation
  10. Further education
  11. Looking for a professional?


Excellent value for $15.00,  98 pages, full colour

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