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The Kids Guide to Horsemanship and Grooming

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A kid-friendly introduction to safe and proper horse care from the best in the business.

Whether taking their first lessons, handling horses when visiting friends, or enjoying the challenges of first-pony ownership, children need to learn more than just “how to ride.” When it comes to horses, the most important lessons begin on the ground, not only to keep all involved safe, but also to ensure the fair and proper care of the horse so that he remains healthy and happy. This highly illustrated, easy-to-use book is the most complete and correct guide available for horse-crazy kids and their families to learn basic horsemanship standards and responsibly apply them in the barn, in the arena, at home, and at competitions.

Professional grooms and authors of the bestsellers World-Class Grooming for Horses and World-Class Braiding-Manes and Tails, Cat Hill and Emma Ford are both lifelong horsewomen who have managed barns and strings of horses for top riders in all disciplines, including Olympians and World Champions. They travel the country teaching clinics in proper horsemanship and grooming to aspiring young riders. Now they have put their wealth of experience in these pages with over 700 professional color photos and clear, numbered steps that teach readers:

  • Catching, leading, and handling
  • Daily grooming
  • Tacking up
  • Post-riding or lesson care
  • Tack cleaning
  • Barn chores
  • Packing for shows and competitions
  • Bathing, clipping, and braiding
  • And more!

With cool tips and tricks they've learned over the years, and an emphasis on safety and detail without detracting from the fun of being around horses, Hill and Ford have created an instant classic—a much-needed resource that will not only encourage young readers to become complete “horse people” as well as “riders,” it will preserve and pass along the management skills honed over a lifetime in barns held to the highest standards. Hands down, this book is the must-have starter kit for every young rider. Ages 8-12.