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LightRider STOCKHORSE BITLESS Bridle - Regular Leather with S/Steel Fittings

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Unique Chinstrap: The purpose of the soft webbing chin strap is to help the noseband stay in place when pressure is applied to the reins - this keeps the noseband from twisting around. The chinstrap becomes snug and does not over-tighten so this bridle is usually well accepted by sensitive horses. The bridle can also be used like a straight sidepull by clipping the chinstrap and noseband rings together (recommended if your horse hasn't experienced a chinstrap before).


  • Padded noseband, headpiece and brow band offers more comfort for your horse

  • Soft webbing adjustable chinstrap that releases for comfort and reward.

  • The noseband sits higher than most bitless bridles and does not need to be tight, allowing the horse to eat and drink.

  • Designed for leading your horse too, or the lead ring and strap can be removed for ridden show classes. Also great for showing in led classes without a bit.

Colours: Black Regular Leather.

Sizes:Cob - usually (fits 13.2hh-14.3hh/132cm to 152cm).

LightRider Bridles recommend you use scissor rein clips for easy change over to the leading ring which enables groundwork/leading/lunging, or buy LightRider reins with clips included to have the correctly weighted reins designed for maximum chinstrap release.

LightRider Size Chart

To check the correct size for a LightRider Bitless Bridle, please take the following measurements:

1: Around the nose (3-4 fingers below the cheekbones – as shown at 1a).

2: Over the poll (head) from each side of the noseband.

LightRider Bitless Noseband

Mini: up to 35cm (13.5”)

Pony: 41-56cm (16-22")

Cob: 52-60cm (20-24")

Full: 56-66cm (22-26")

W'blood/Draft: 64-77cm (25-30")

English/Stockhorse/Western Styles

Cob: Nose 52-62cm (20.5-24"), Head 73-100cm (28.5-39")

Full: Nose 56-66cm (21.5-26"), Head 96-106cm (37.5-45.5")

W'Blood/Draft: Nose 65-74cm (25-29"), Head 100-122cm (39-48")

The bridles will generally fit the following heights unless they have a larger than usual head:

Mini: Under 9hh (90cm)

Small Pony: 9-11.2hh (90-117cm)

Pony:11-13.2hh (112-137cm)

Cob: 13.2-14.3hh (137cm to 150cm)

Full:15-17hh (152cm to 173cm)

Warmblood/draft: solid 17-18hh (164cm to 183cm)