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I.C.E. UltraLite - Equine ID Tag with Carabiner Clip

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I.C.E. - stands for In Case of Emergency. 

The I.C.E UltraLite ID tag is clipped into a plait of your horse's mane or tail and ideal for leaving on your horse over longer periods.

If you need and ID tag for an Emergency Situation - see the ManeStay Equine ID Tag - Click Here

The UltraLite has multiple uses and is also ideal for:

  • Camping
  • Travelling
  • Trail Riding
  • Long Distance and Endurance Competitions
  • General Turnout and Agistment situations

When you've been told that a natural disaster is heading your way, and you've got time to put a single braid in each of your equines' manes, the I.C.E. UltraLite will provide you a no-halter-needed way to securely attach emergency contact info to their manes. If your horse's mane isn't long enough to braid, please see our ManeStay page.

If you're in an area with a season of wildfires or other natural disasters, consider keeping an UltraLite on each animal full-time during that season. It's what we do, and it gives us peace of mind knowing our three horses can be immediately identified.

We recommend using two elastic bands (top and bottom) on each braid. Be diligent about checking the integrity of the braid daily. Be sure to replace the elastic before it shows wear or weakness. For best results, use fine elastics as opposed to thick, bulky style elastics.

In extreme weather conditions such as hurricane or tornado, you may also wish to finish the braid with duct tape to ensure the braid stays intact. Duct tape will not slide off the braid as an elastic may do.