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ManeStay - Equine Emergency ID Tag

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Be Prepared - Fast, Simple and Secure.

In an emergency or disaster situation, the ManeStay can be attached in 3 seconds.  Give yourself and your horse every chance to be reunited when the situation is over.

This is a fast-attach, light weight (< 50g) and secure Visible Identification device that attaches on to your horse's mane or tail.

  • 8.75 inches (22.3 cms) overall
  • Weight: 1.7 oz. (less than 50g)
  • Made from polycarbonate, just like NFL-calibre helmets so you know it's tough
  • Stainless steel components make it corrosion resistant
  • Heat and flame resistant(details below)
  • Your critical contact information is permanent and waterproof

Please note that ManeStay is not designed for everyday use. If you wish to keep ID on your horse longer term, please consider the I.C.E. UltraLite Equine ID tag - click here.


Is ManeStay going to melt, injuring my horse?

No. ManeStay is designed to be safe for the horse faced with a fire situation. The I.C.E. form itself is made of a Calfire rated flame-resistant material. The nylon strap melts at between 215ºC and 221ºC. The polycarbonate material (the yellow ManeStay body, hook and plunger) melts at 271ºC. ManeStay's metal parts are stainless steel. If the mane/tail hair is exposed to 187ºC or higher, the hair will disintegrate. Because the mane/tail hair at those temperatures becomes a fuel, ManeStay will drop to the ground well before any of ManeStay's components would begin to distort. At temps up to 187ºC, ManeStay is still providing safe, secure identification. ManeStay will not contribute to fueling a fire while it is still attached to the animal. If the animal is exposed to 148ºC+ temperatures, he is unfortunately already in grave danger with burns and/or smoke inhalation.​  

Can I attach a ManeStay to a braid?

NO. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to attach ManeStay to a braid. It relies on loose, flexible UNbraided hair that can be drawn FULLY inside the ManeStay body. Attaching to a braid will NOT make a secure connection to the hair.

Can I keep a ManeStay on my horse on a daily basis?

ManeStay isn't intended for daily use, so we wouldn't recommend it for that purpose. It's designed so you'll have a tool that's readily accessible (in your go bag or unlocked cabinet) to attach ID quickly when faced with an emergency. If you wish to keep visible ID on your horse's mane, please consider our I.C.E. UltraLite.

How can I be sure the ManeStay will stay on my horse?

ManeStay's staying power is in its stainless steel compression spring, which puts 40 lbs. of pressure on the hair. When correctly attached and you've achieved the "U" bend in the hair, ManeStay is secure. Remember that ManeStay is designed for emergency situations, not everyday use. While pasture mates could conceivably rip ManeStay out of the mane or tail, it would be highly unusual in a true emergency such as wildfire or hurricane that horses would be engaging in horseplay. They are instead in "survival mode". CAUTION: ManeStay will pinch fingers, so please don't allow young children to play with this product. As one reviewer said, "The spring is no joke".