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From Leading to Liberty

In this book, Jutta Wiemers describes 100 'smart' games through which you can achieve a perfect partnership with your horse. The games are progressive and range from simple leading and lungeing, through to circus tricks (curtseying, kneeling, lying down or sitting on command, Spanish Walk, and even the Hungarian post). Along the way there are other fun-packed games involving balance, sure-footedness, agility and confidence building.

Smart Games are playful activity, during which all playmates learn or perfect a useful skill. This mimics nature's way to learn, whereby every animal, whether two- or four-legged, understands and perfects his survival abilities through play.

All the proposed games are benefical to the horse -- they will key his body healthy, while his mind is stimulated. The training suggested is sometimes ambitious but always playful, and performed entirely without pressure. The goal for most of the games is to play them at liberty -- the most important component of playing these games is that they are done voluntarily and joyfully by all partners. This is only possible by learning the language of the horse, since he cannot learn ours. Hundreds of illustrations (drawn by the authors) clarify the sequence of training steps and detail the required body language of the trainer.

Training your horse with these games will open a gate to your horse's soul and change your relationship with him forever. For his part, your horse will become self-confident, happy and very dependable.

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