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Convert your favourite bridle to bitless with the Evolve Equine Bitless Noseband. The Evolve Bitless Noseband attaches to your bridle at the cheek pieces.

Sizes: Cob, Full or Warmblood

The Evolve Bitless Noseband is used to convert your favourite bridle for bitless use.

This noseband is designed to fit on most bridles from English to Stock and Western.

The noseband is made from a long lasting and durable Paramax core with braided 550 paracord over the nose. The chinstrap is a soft weave paracord with an adjustable PVC and stainless steel buckle closure.

These nosebands are adjustable and are currently available in 2 sizes - Cob and Full.

Measurement Guide:

The total measurement is taken as a circumference of the entire noseband.

Cob size - approx 60cm to 64cm

Full size - approx 65cm to 69cm

Warmblood size - approx 70cm to 74cm 

*please note these measurements are a guide only and will depend on the shape and size of your horse’s head and the final position of the noseband when attached to each individual bridle.

It is recommended that the noseband sits about an inch (2.5cm) below the cheek bones and gives enough clearance for the cheek piece of the bridle to sit a comfortable distance behind the eye. The chin strap should be a snug fit as to ensure the noseband doesn't twist when applying pressure from the reins. A "How To Fit" Brochure will be included in your purchase.