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Stay safe on the trail: Tocsen crash detector

December 06, 2022

Stay safe on the trail: Tocsen crash detector

No matter how much we love getting on our horses and hitting the trails, we can't deny that riding horses isn't the safest sport in the world. From having our fingers mistaken for apples, to getting our toes trod on and unexpected dismounts, dealing with a half-tonne of free-thinking animal comes with its share of risks.

Of all the possible risks, losing consciousness after taking a fall on a ride and having no one know where you are has to be one of the scariest. 

Enter the Tocsen crash sensor

The Tocsen crash sensor easily attaches to any helmet.

The Tocsen crash sensor is a small black (or pink!) dot you can place on any helmet. Working in conjunction with your phone, the sensor will send an alert via SMS to your emergency contacts in the event of a fall.

The alert includes your GPS coordinates and an interactive map, to guide rescuers to your location.

Before an alert is sent, there's a 30-second grace period where you can cancel the alarm (your screen turns pink and there's a loud countdown sound, so you won't miss it). During this time, near-by Tocsen app users are alerted to your (possible) accident; they are given the option to call you as well as being provided with a map to your location.

At every stage, you have the ability to cancel the alert and the message will immediately be sent to your emergency contacts and nearby responders.

The sensor itself does not have a SIM and requires a phone signal to send an alert. However, even if you're riding out the back of nowhere with no mobile coverage, Tocsen can still work for you!

Safety even without the sensor or a phone signal!

The Tocsen app displays a prominent pink screen when it detects an accident, giving your 30 seconds to cancel the pending alert.

The Tocsen app, which is free to use on all platforms, has a fabulous feature that everyone can use, with or without the sensor and/or reliable phone coverage; the Back Home Timer.

The Back Home Timer lets you set a time you expect to be home and will send an alert if you don't make it back before the timer runs out. Once the timer hits zero, the app offers you the same 30-second window to cancel the alert as it does with the sensor.

As well as the standard "help!" message, the app will provide rescuers with your current or last known location, giving them a place to start looking.

The Back Home Timer works both with and without a phone signal, simply set it at the start of your ride and turn it off at the end, the Tocsen system will handle the rest.

Peace of mind

With its simple stick-on installation and straight-forward app, the Tocsen crash sensor is an easy way to give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind when you're out on the trail.