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Want comfortable shoes for riding and everyday wear?

October 21, 2022

Want comfortable shoes for riding and everyday wear?

We're all horse riders at Gone Riding, and one of the things we value most (after our horses) is comfort -- comfortable jeans, comfortable saddles, comfortable shoes -- which is why we love Ariat's Terrain and DuraTerrainboots. Not only do they look great, but they're feel great right out of the box.

Our favourite riding boots...

Ariat Terrain lace-up riding boots in full-grain leather.

Made for horse riders, Ariat's Terrain and DuraTerrain boots aren't just ride-safe, with a well-defined heel and minimal tread, they also offer excellent arch and ankle support, with the added benefit of being light-weight.

The DuraTerrain has the added benefit of a waterproof membrane that will keep your feet warm and dry. It's also built extra-tough, with a reinforced toe and triple stitching to stand up to extra rough conditions.

All of us at Gone Riding ride in either Terrains or DuraTerrains, and these boots have taken all the abuse we've dished out and kept going; from splashing through ankle-deep puddles and coating them in mud (and manure) to being trodden on. We love them so much, most of us have multiple pairs; one for riding and one for going down the street!

...are also our favourite casual shoes!

Just because Ariat's Terrains and DuraTerrains are built for riding, doesn't mean you can only wear them when you're in the saddle. The high comfort factor and hiking boot like design makes them the ideal out-and-about shoe; they don't look out of place under a pair of jeans, or even paired with leggings or work shorts, and they'll keep you on your feet all day.

Ariat Terrain H2O riding boots in turquoise.


As an added bonus, Ariat regularly produces limited edition styles, such as the gold-patterned cheetah print and the recent turquoise Terrain, to brighten up your footwear.

Treat your feet to comfort

If there was a magical unicorn of shoes, Ariat's Terrains and DuraTerrains would be it. Great both on and off a horse, they're some of the comfiest shoes you'll ever wear, right out of the box. If you haven't tried them out yet, do yourself a favour and slap a pair on your feet.

Check them out now!