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Beating the flies: Protect your horse from the swarm

December 12, 2022

Beating the flies: Protect your horse from the swarm

Summer's around the corner and you know what that means... Flies, entire hordes of the small black menaces making a kamikaze run straight into your mouth.

As annoying as flies are for us, they're worse for our horses, especially on a ride, which is why we love fly masks. Not only do they keep the flies off, but they are an excellent option if your faithful steed needs protection from the sun as well.

Fly masks for the paddock


Cashel's Crusader fly mask in the Blue Warrior colour, on a grey horse.
Cashel's Crusader fly masks are great for the paddock, with robust stitching and a patented three-hole cap -- fitting over your horse's ears and allowing the forelock to be pulled through -- it's designed to stay on. Darts in the mesh keep the material well away from eyes and eyelashes, while the mesh itself blocks up to 70% of UV rays, perfect for horses prone to sunburn.


If your bestie has a pink nose, check out the long nose Crusader fly mask. It uses the same UV-blocking mesh over the eyes to protect the nose and won't get in the way of your horse grazing or drinking.

The Crusaders are also available with soft ear covers, for those occasions when the pesky flying insects really won't leave your horse alone.

More than just grey

A lot of our customers comment on the Crusader's grey fabric, which (let's face it) isn't the prettiest colour choice. This particular shade of grey was chosen for its ability to reflect light and dissipate heat, without blinding your horse with sun glare. 

Additionally, despite its opaque appearance, the durable mesh provides your horse with excellent vision.

A range of colours and patterns!

All of that said, the Crusader fly masks do come in a range of seasonal patterns and colours, such as blue, orchid, orange and even the funky Black Tribal. Check out our current range here.

Fly protection for the trail

Cashel's Quiet Ride fly mask on a grey horse.

Of course, flies don't just congregate in the paddock; they seem to take a fiendish delight in following you home on the trail. Cashel's Quiet Ride masks have your horse covered here

Made with a lighter, but just as effective UV-blocking mesh as the Crusaders, Cashel's Quiet Ride fly masks can save you a lot of head-tossing on the trail. The black fabric fits easily over or under your bridle without being as obtrusive as the grey Crusader.

Like the Crusader, you can get the Quiet Ride with nose and/or ear protection, to suit your needs.

Arm yourself for the summer, and check out our full range of Cashel fly masks here.




Feature image by Jamie Street on Unsplash