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Get some magic on your horse's feet: Introducing the Explora Magic hoof boot

January 19, 2023

Get some magic on your horse's feet: Introducing the Explora Magic hoof boot

There's a new hoof boot in town, and we're really excited to share them with you.

About the Explora Magic

The Explora Magics are made in Spain and have been out and about in Europe and the US on the trails and competing in Endurance. Much like the Easyboot Glove with their capsule-like design, they are tough and highly adjustable, with excellent grip.

They caught our eye because they have some terrific features including adjustable length and heel height.

Adjustable length and heel height

If you have a horse with high heels or an elongated hoof, the Explora Magics have you covered. Both the heel height and the length of the boot can be adjusted to fit a variety of shapes, without (too much) difficulty. All that's required is an Allen key (included) and a little patience.

Excellent performance

As per our philosophy, we have to love a product before we stock it, and so for the last couple of months, we have been testing out the Explora Magics. So far, our two test riders have taken them through sucking mud, on uphill gravel climbs, sandy tracks, bitumen, gravel roads and creeks.

The feedback has been great; the boots have not moved an inch, even on a hard-to-fit horse notorious for throwing his boots. They also have great grip on all surfaces, and the gaiter has kept out almost all dirt and debris, with no signs of rubbing on any part of the hoof. What's more, both test horses have been striding out with no signs of discomfort!


We haven't had the opportunity to fully test it ourselves but, according to the manufacturer, you can expect about 1000 km out of your Explora Magics (dependent upon terrain, the weight of the horse and other factors). However, our test riders have confirmed that the boots are holding up well so far, with minimal wear and no signs of breakage.

Another thing that attracted us to these is the ability to replace almost every part of the boot! From the screws to the straps and the gaiters, it can be replaced to extend the life of the boot.

Easy to put on (mostly)

Although not quite as simple an the EasyBoot Trail (but then, what is?), our two test riders have had found the Explora Magics easy to put on and take off. Although, in winter, when the boots' heavy duty rubber is stiffer, they've found a pair of blunt-nosed pliers helpful for pulling the straps tight.

Are they right for you?

If you're looking to refine your boot fit, or have a horse who doesn't suit EasyBoots or Scoots, the Explora Magics are for you.

The ability to fine tune the fit make the Exploras a great choice for experienced hoof boot users but could be a daunting prospect for new comers.

We're really excited to share these new boots with you. Keep an eye out on the blog as we keep you up-to-date with our Explora adventures!

You can find out more about the Explora Magics, or get yourself a pair, here.