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Molting season, from winter woollies to summer shine

August 11, 2022

A hairy palomino pony with a very long forelock, smooching the camera.

The time is nearly upon us, the days are getting longer, the sun a little higher and that furry beast out in the paddock is starting to shed his winter woollies, and you and your clothes are about to be covered in most of it.

Anything that makes the process less daunting, and doesn't leave you choking on hair, is welcomed!

The 10-inch SleekEZ grooming blade being used on the back of a chestnut horse.

Introducing...the SleekEZ. A must have tool for your tack box. Don't be deceived by the simple design, the SleekEZ removes unwanted hair quickly and smoothly. It literally falls out in sheets, clumping together as it falls to the ground, making it easier to pick up later, meaning... no more hair floating into your mouth and sticking to your clothes! 

The brilliance of the SleekEZ is in it's unique design. The stainless steel blade is configured with tiny teeth that are configured in a wave pattern. It works to shed hair, dirt and dander by grabbing the tips of each hair to extract it from the skin without painful tugging. It also takes out the undercoat, even though the blade is only short and narrow.

The SleekEZ isn't just perfect your equine friend, it works on other livestock as well, including cats, dogs and other smaller pets. Plus, you can use it to remove unwanted hair from furniture, carpets, pet bedding and saddle pads.

The SleekEZ is available in different sizes for all uses, including 5 inches for dogs and hard-to-get-to places, and the larger 10-inch for those bigger jobs, like shedding horses and ponies.

The SleekEz Grooming Blade is a simple tool, that makes a big difference! We only wish we thought of it ourselves.



Feature photo by Sies Kranen on Unsplash