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Tackling the dreaded dreadlock: an easier way to combat matted manes

August 24, 2022

Tackling the dreaded dreadlock: an easier way to combat matted manes

If you're anything like me, you like to imagine your noble steed cantering toward you over a grassy field, ears pricked, a whinny of greeting on their lips and their mane flying behind them like a long, glossy river. They stop before you, eagerly lipping at your jeans for the treats stashed in your pockets. The sun is shinning, the weather is warm (but not too warm) and all is right with the world... And then you see the dreadlocks.

Big, thick, rat-like clumps that are going to take you hours to untangle.

One of the perks to working at Gone Riding is being among the first to try new products, like Hairy Pony's 2-in-1 Detangler & Shine Spray.

The 500ml and 125ml bottles of Hairy Pony 2-in-1 Detangler & Shine Spray, come with handy spray nozzles.

Kate took the new detangling spray home to try on her Friesian mare, Eva, a pitch-black beauty with a long, thick mane... and dreadlocks, big, thick matts the size of bricks. She went out to the paddock, armed with bushes, combs and the Hair Pony 2-in-1 Detangler expecting to spend a good hour locked in hairy combat.

What she got was... the easiest detangling job ever. Ten minutes after Kate gave Eva's mane a light spray with the Hair Pony detangler, the matted, gnarled mess practically untangled itself. Eva's lovely flowing mane was restored, with an added shine to boot.

It's a minor miracle how well this stuff works.

So how does it work? The Hairy Pony 2-in-1 Detangler & Shine Spray uses a combination of dry oils to loosen the knots in matted manes. Now, I hear you asking, "what's a dry oil?"

Truth told, when I first heard the term "dry oil" I was confused as well; when you read "oil" the first thing that comes to mind is a dirty, itchy, greasy scalp, so how can it be dry let alone good? I immediately went on the hunt to find out.

A dry oil is one that is quickly absorbed by the skin and hair, such as avocado, grapeseed and rosehip oils  without leaving a yucky residue behind. As well as being super moisturizing, dry oils like the ones used in Hairy Pony's detangler, can help reduce frizziness and hair breakage, leading to a smooth, glossy and dreadlock-free mane.

The 2-in-1 Detangler & Shine Spray also includes vitamin E and argan oils to help keep your steed's mane soft and shiny.

With its near-miraculous ability to detangle even the most matted manes, Hairy Pony's 2-in-1 Detangler & Shine Spray is a must-have for everyone's tack box. I know it's in mine!



Feature image by Daron Herbert from Pixabay