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Tocsen Crash Sensor

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Stick on crash sensor for helmets

  • Precise crash detection
  • Location transfer via APP/SMS
  • Rescue Community & Emergency Contacts

Immediately after a fall, the Tocsen Sensor, mounted on the helmet, automatically alerts your emergency contacts via app and SMS (free of charge) as well as the rescue community nearby.

Save your life

The Tocsen helmet sensor is for anyone venturing out and about on their own. Whether on bikes, horseback or skis - be on the safe side during your outdoor adventures! Immediately after a fall, the sensor, mounted on the helmet, automatically alerts your emergency contacts via SMS (free) and the Tocsen app in addition to the rescue community in the area.

Travel alone in safety with Tocsen

The Tocsen rescue community is your cross-sport, cross-brand first responder community. Cyclists, winter sports enthusiasts, equestrians, hikers, etc. help each other! By downloading the Tocsen app, anyone can become a member of the rescue community and a first responder, even without owning a Tocsen crash helmet sensor. And don't worry - if you fall and nothing worse has happened, you can give the all-clear from the app at any time.

The below video by Equisafety and Tocsen is an example of how important a crash sensor can be, even in a group of riders. Warning: this video may contain upsetting footage.

For more information go to Tocsen crash helmet sensor calls for help



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