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Scoot ENDURO Hoof Boot

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Scoot Enduro Size Chart
Scoot Enduro Hoof Boot Size Chart
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Designed by a farrier for the barefoot horse, the Scoot Enduro also supports barefoot mules and is great for long distance riding. It has fully adjustable straps around the heel bulbs and accommodates various hoof types, especially high heels.

  • Robust, durable and lightweight
  • Excellent traction, flexible sole
  • Open toe, sides and back with no bulb pressure
  • Excellent drainage and ventilation
  • Adjustable straps, no cables or velcro
  • Coloured strap options
  • Available sizes: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3
  • Range of mud straps provided to ensure correct size
  • Bulb Strap can be lengthened or shortened
  • Bulb Extender places the bulb strap in the correct position for underrun or high heels
  • 2 settings to adjust rear screws

Please note: Scoot Enduros are suitable for hard to fit hooves that are upright, high or have underrun heels that cannot fit into regular or slim Scoots. Please send us photos and we can confirm if Scoot Enduros are right for your horse's hooves.

Sizing & Fitting

The Enduro shape mimics the Scoot Slim shape.

If you would like us to help with sizing, please email us your hoof measurement photos - info@goneriding.com.au 

See below for "how to take measurement pics" :)

Horses are no different from a human athlete in that they can only perform to their maximum ability if they are wearing the correct sized footwear.

Fitting your hoof boots!