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Quick Knot - Clip for Mane Braids (100 pieces)

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Is Quick Knot available in different sizes?

There are two sizes available. The standard size is suited for normal mane thickness and the XL size is for very thick manes.

Can you use Quick Knot multiple times?

Yes and no. It is possible to re-use them, but the unused Quick Knots are stronger and easier to apply.

Does the Quick Knot guarantee a perfect plait?

Yes it does! Obviously, like with a needle and thread it requires some practice to perfect it, but once you have found the right technique you can make a beautiful and strong plait that doesn’t fall out.

Has Quick Knot been thoroughly tested?

Yes certainly! We have done tests together with large and small barns, pro riders, starting amateurs and everyone in between. Almost 1300 manes were plaited with Quick Knot before Quick Knot went into production.

Is Quick Knot also suitable to be used by children?

Of course! Obviously with all adult surveillance, but our instruction video is done by an 11 year old girl :-).