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Cashel Tush Cush Australian Stock Foam 1/2 inch

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Made from Luxury 1/2 inch Closed Cell Foam which will not collapse, compact, bunch, or hold heat. May be used alone or under a fleece cover.

THE piece of equipment for those long-distance riders or anyone planning on going on the longer trail rides or a horseback holiday!  Be comfortable so you and your horse enjoy your adventure on the trail.

Australian Foam Tush Cushion: This cushion is specifically constructed to perfectly fit an Australian saddle. Longer fender attachments pull the cushion flat across the seat to give you padding just where you need it. The perfect fit with no left over bulk. Made with the same closed-cell foam as the popular Cashel Cushion™ saddle pads and will not collapse or give the way open-cell foam can.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: Does this style fit on a Half Breed Saddle?

- Yes, with a little easy modification.  As the jockey skirt on the half breed saddle is generally quite short, the webbing strap (which is designed to secure around the large flap of a stock saddle) can slip.  So you can just add on a small snap hook to the webbing strap and clip to the front dee on the saddle, to make sure the strap can't go anywhere.

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