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Thrush Buster 60ml

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THRUSH BUSTER - Treats thrush with first application

So powerful it lasts for up to eight days without reapplication. Even in the wettest, muddiest terrain. Stomps out Thrush on contact. A single application can relieve the symptoms of Thrush and dramatically reduces chances of reinfection. 

Thrush Buster® forms a cleaner barrier and deters dirt and manure penetration into the healthy frog. Its unique color tells you where it’s doing the job, with a fresh coat needed only where the color has faded. Thrush Buster® is more effective than some commercial preparations, along with being milder to sensitive tissue than bleaches, copper sulfate, or turpentine. Thrush Buster® can also be used before applying sole pads and silicon to toughen thin-soled feet.

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Water, isopropanel formalin, PVP, iodine complex and Gentian Violet.

For thrush, apply once to all infected areas. For prevention of thrush, use once a week in wet environments, and once every two weeks in dry environments.

Use in well-ventilated areas. Vapors may be irritating to skin, eyes, nose and throat. In case of eye contact flush immediately with water for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.