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Ultra ThinLine Half Pad

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The Ultra Thinline pad is 3/16" and is the thinnest in the Thinline range. Thoughtfully designed to protect both horse and rider’s backs and create a soft, quiet, elastic connection. If your riding is not in a place where you can focus on nuances, you should likely start in a ThinLine. If you are a close contact rider, you will greatly appreciate Ultra ThinLine. This product reduces rider movement so horses can balance and focus. It does not amplify the seat, it reduces “background noise” so the rider’s seat aids are clear.

Fits most 16-17″ saddles

19.5″ spine length | 18″ across shoulder | 14″ across seat

Basic Pad Care Instructions

These pads don’t require washing. You can hose them off or simply use a baby wipe.  Basic ThinLine Pads can last a decade or more. For White pads, feel free to use products like Soft Scrub or place it in a bucket of water with some bleach

More Information:

The ThinLine Half Pad is one of the top sellers for Thinline. It covers only the weight bearing surface of the saddle and is designed to be very minimal and discreet--you can barely notice it under saddle!

This pad will mould to your horse's shape when warmed to body temperature, and should be used on top of your regular saddle pad, directly underneath your saddle. It does flex and move with horse so there is no pinching or pulling across the withers or spine. This pad is ideal for well fitting or custom fitted saddles. If you would like a saddle pad with more wither profile or spine clearance, take a look at the ThinLine Saddle Fitting Pads, or any pads that have the ThinLine material sewn in.


Made in the USA.