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The Portable Horse Washer by Hydrocell 17L - with robust metal fittings

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he Portable Horse Washer by Hydrocell - NOW with robust metal fitting upgrade. 

17 Litre pressure washer with built in battery pack. Totally portable & ideal for taking in your float to events and competition. 

Just fill with cold or hot water, turn on the very quiet pump and hose your horse off with 6m long hose. 

Rechargeable battery for cordless operation and comes with a 12V connection.

Colour: BLUE only


The Portable Horse Washer by Hydrocell

Fully portable, holds 17L, runs cordless and quietly. Fill with cold or hot water.

* Adjustable shoulder strap

* Sturdy Brass nozzle and fittings 

* Wheels on base 

* 12V cordless power supply

* Extra long hose 6.0M 

* Adjustable spray nozzle

* Removable water tank

* Rechargeable battery

* 17 Litre water capacity Snap fittings for easy use

* Mesh packet to hold hose

* 12 Volt, 60W Power

* Pressure range 43.5 to 130.5 PSI

* Weight 7.5kg

Hydrocell unit size:

- 520mm High

- 340mm Wide

- 240mm Deep

* Hot water can be used in unit, and units will retain heat for quite some time

When running off internal battery, units can go for 1.5hrs (approx 5 tanks) continuously

When you first receive your Hydrocell, you should charge battery fully before use, then on first use run it all the way flat to train the battery memory so that it's life is maximised. From there use as usual.

Spare Parts can be ordered, and while many parts are readily available some may have to be ordered in so please contact for estimated delivery times.