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McCall LADY WADE Saddle - Custom Made to Order

Why McCall

McCall saddles today are built using the same time-honored tradition used decades ago. Each saddle is painstakingly fit, shaped and finished with both horse and rider in mind. McCall have over 100 years combined experience in saddle design, custom fitting of both horse and rider, hand tooling and carving, and construction. McCall's greatest desire is to meet the needs of our customers. McCall’s goal is to build the best saddle at the best price possible. Rest assured you receive the most value for your money spent. That’s what makes it all worth while for McCall - the satisfaction of knowing their customers are pleased with the saddle they buy.

McCall start with handmade, rawhide covered and rawhide laced saddle trees built by their sister company, Timberline Saddle Tree. McCall know the trees are built right. From the best bar patterns anywhere, designed to fit today’s horses, to the last hand sewn and hand rubbed rawhide stitch you can be confident that the saddle’s foundation is solid. As saddle makers, McCall are proud to build saddles on Timberline trees. From there they use the finest oak bark tanned skirting leather that molds and holds its shape and tools like butter. They use hardware, some of McCall's own design, that fits your needs and saddle uses. The skirts are lined with the finest 1″ premium wool skin, and finishes are hand oiled and rubbed. McCall's pride and craftsmanship is demonstrated in every part of the saddle, and begins with quality materials.

"We can’t say enough about our saddle makers. They are true artists and craftsmen. They know horses, and leather and how to make them fit together. All saddle parts and pieces are hand fit and hand skived to create a smooth, polished saddle that will be a source of pride to you and our saddle makers. And the fit of our seats-well that’s a point of particular pride. From day one your McCall saddle will make your fanny smile from ear to ear. That’s all there is to it. Our McCall seats are built right from day one. Sit in one and you’ll recognize the quality fit. No one anywhere makes a finer seat than ours. Guaranteed!" McCall Saddle Company