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Easyboot FURY SLING hoof boot

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Sold as a single boot.

The Easyboot Fury Sling is the first hoof boot that fully adjusts in both length and height. Maintain a secure, comfortable fit for hoof changes that occur throughout the trim cycle. This minimalist design comes with a padded Heel Sling that pivots backward for quick and easy put on and take off.

Includes a Loctite® Threadlocker and wrench spanner.

Easyboot Fury Sling - Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where is the application guide for the Easyboot Fury?

A We found it better to demonstrate the application techniques and tricks in a video, which can be found at www.easycareinc.com/furyvideos.  The video will answer most questions and show adjustment techniques.

Q What is the difference between the Easyboot Fury line and other EasyCare hoof boot models?

A The Fury Heart and Fury Sling models are adjustable in hoof length and hoof height. The products don’t have cables, hook and loop material or any fabric.

Q How do I know the perfect heel height adjustment?

A The Fury Heart and Fury Sling models are adjustable in heel height. This is a very important adjustment that is demonstrated on the application video, available at www.easycareinc.com/furyvideos.

Q After the Easyboot Fury Heart and Easyboot Fury Sling have been adjusted how do the screws stay tight?

A We recommend using blue Loctite or blue thread lock on the screws after the boot has been adjusted.

Q After using Loctite or thread lock on the screws, can the screws be adjusted again?

A Yes. Use the spanner wrench (included with each Fury boot) to hold the t-nut. The spanner wrench will prevent spinning and allow the screws to be loosened and adjusted. Use Loctite or thread lock on the screws after adjustments are made.

Q If the heel counter is adjusted forward to fit a round wide hoof, should I remove the extra heel at the back of the boot?

A Yes. Use nippers, a rasp or a grinder to reduce the length of the heel. Removing the heel will prevent the boot from being stepped on and pulled off.

Q Can the shells be heat fit?

A Yes. The shells can be heat fit for difficult shaped feet. Be aware that heat fitting voids the EasyCare Guarantee.

Q How do I measure?

A Ideally, your horse should fit into the same size on the chart for both width and length. The upper end of the size chart is the actual physical dimension of the inside of the boot.

Q If my horse wears a size 1 Easyboot, what is the comparable size?

A The sizing for the Easyboot Fury Heart and Easyboot Fury Sling is completely different than our other boots. Remeasure your horse in millimeters and compare it to the Fury size chart.

Q How do I determine the correct size boot and what is a Fit Kit?

A To ensure you purchase the correct size, we recommend that you order a Fit Kit. Call us to discuss and arrange - (03) 5775 1657.The Fury Kit comes with three boots—the size you think you need and a half size on either side. There are complete instructions and photos showing how the boot should fit. To order a Fit Kit or learn more, click here (link to the Fit Kit page)

Q How do I know what size Fit Kit to order?

A A Fit Kit gives you the size you think you need plus a half size on either side. Measure your horse after a fresh trim and look at the size chart for the Fury. You will want to go by your horse’s width. If your horse measures a size #1.5 in width you will need to order a size #1.5 Fit Kit. This will give you a size #1, a #1.5 and a #2 boot.

Q What if my horse has a hoof that is wider than it is long?

A No problem. The Easyboot Fury Heart and Easyboot Fury Sling models can be adjusted so the width is 10mm wider than the length.

Q What if my horse has a long narrow hoof?

A No problem. The Easyboot Fury Heart and Easyboot Fury Sling models can be adjusted so the length is 20mm more than the width.

Q Do the Fury boots stay on in the mud?

A If properly fitted, the Fury Heart and Fury Sling will stay on through most types of muddy terrain. If you are riding through mud that will suck even a nailed-on shoe off, you may lose a boot as well. If you are riding through extreme mud over a period of time, you will want to consider removing the boots and riding your horse barefoot.

Q Can I wear studs with the boots?

A Yes. The Quick Studs work well. Most riders add four studs to each boot.

Q Can I buy shells and spare parts separately?

A Yes. Shells and accessory parts are sold separately.

Q Can I use pads with my Fury boots?

A We only recommend using the 6mm (1/4”) Comfort Pads. Anything thicker will compromise the fit.

Q Do the Fury boots stretch?

A There will be minimal stretching during initial use.

Q What if I lose a screw?

A All screws are replaceable. Please see the screws available in the accessory kits.

Q Why do the Easyboot Fury Heart and Easyboot Fury Sling come with a Power Strap?

A There are many uses for the power straps:

  1. The Fury Power Strap helps stabilize the boot in extreme conditions such as speed events, deep mud, highly varied terrain, rocky ground, steep hills, etc.
  2. When properly applied, it helps the boot fit better at the top, giving a completely snug fit. This also helps debris stay out of the boot.
  3. The Fury Power Strap is different than the power strap used on the Easyboot Glove.