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Clinton Andersons Downunder Horsemanship

Downunder Horsemanship by Clinton Anderson.

Real horses. Real riders. Real problems. Real solutions.

Clinton Anderson's training techniques can achieve amazing results with almost any horse. Now his methods are available for the first time in a reader-friendly highly illustrated book and you too can learn the program that teaches "everyday people" - regardless of riding style age or ability - how to better communicate with their mounts.

Starting with a basic understanding of horse psychology Clinton presents a realistic step-by-step training approach that you can apply to your own horse. Through a series of photographs taken at the time you see each new exercise as it is presented to two riders and their horses. Each exercise includes a troubleshooting session from both the riders' and Clinton's perspective.

Clinton who apprenticed with some of Australia's best horsemen quickly gained a reputation first in Australia and later in the US as a talented teacher. This is the perfect book for all who desire to be safe gain control and respect of the horse and enjoy horseback riding to the fullest.