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It’s getting dark…

September 19, 2018

It’s getting dark…

We’ve probably all been in this situation before: it took a bit longer than we expected to get back to the campsite and now it is almost dark… where on earth is our camp??  
Don’t worry – we have a super simple little gem of an item that will help you find your tent in the dark!

Our latest addition to our safety range is the tiny but super handy Cashel Safety Strobe light – tiny, weighs next to nothing and once activated can be seen up to half a mile away! It can strobe for up to 96 hours!  Not only for campsite location  either – clip it on to your dog’s collar or horse’s rug or headstall so you can locate them in the dark.  Take it with you as an added safety device if you get lost.  How many more uses can you think of?